How to design a professional logo for a wedding planner or party planner?

A wedding or party planner is in a joyous business. It's all about celebrating the good things in life. If you want to make a logo for your business, create an optimistic and joyful logo. As a wedding planner, you can go for a traditional and classic style. Use black, white, or a chic color like taupe and elegant, serif letters. You could use symbols like a (wedding) cake or silhouettes of a wedding couple.

Party planner logos depend on their sector: kids parties, business parties, family parties. For kids parties you could use icons like balloons and use children friendly colors like pink, blue, yellow and red. For business parties you could use more professional colors like black, white, gold, silver and navy blue. Organizing extravagant parties? Go all the way with the special effects in your logo and use glitters, gradients, background patterns and sparkling colors like purple, neon colors, or orange.

Popular symbols: party, wedding

If you want to design a logo for a wedding planner or party planner, it's important to stand out. The best logos often contain the following symbols: party and wedding.

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