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How does it work?

Traditionally, people who wanted a logo needed to work with a professional graphic designer. Designing a logo form scratch takes time, and as a customer you pay for the hours that go into making a logo. A fair trade, but for many people it's simply too expensive and takes too much of their time.

My Brand New Logo has captured the way a professional designer would make a logo into its own custom algorithms. We give you full control to tweak it directly afterwards. Everyone can do it, and it takes less time than you can make your espresso.

Read more about how it works.

Why an online logo maker?

We started this web service because we saw an increase in the need for logos, but noticed that hiring a professional designer is mostly out of reach for those that just started a new business. We provide everyone with the ability to design a striking logo. My Brand New Logo is for the freelancers, the side project hustlers, the startups.

What makes this logo tool great?

The general design quality of our logos are based on years of experience in graphic and web design. Design principles ensure carefully balanced and good looking logo designs. It's up to date with current trends in graphic design, like shiny gradients, contemporary fonts, geometric patterns and modern shapes. You can really go wild, and it will always look nice.

So, what does it cost?

It's totally free to sign up and create your logos. You only have to pay when you're happy with your logo. Read more about pricing.

My Brand New Logo business cards

A professionally designed logo for less than your last dinner in a restaurant?

That's right. Curious? Just try it, it's fun:

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