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My Brand New Logo - Review your generated logos

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My Brand New Logo - Customize your selected logo

Design your own brand in 3 easy steps

By using our logo generator, you can create a logo in 60 seconds. It's really simple, and fun too. Watch this 60 second video above to see how to design your own logo.

Create your own logo in 3 steps. Let's break it down.

1 Type your company name

Start your logo process by filling in your company name. For example, let's take a fictional company that sells woolen apparel: Wooly Wonders. After you've done that, you can add your slogan if you like. A slogan helps to let your customer quickly know what your company is about. For example, Warming the world

When you're done with your company and slogan, our online logo tool asks you to fill in some keywords. These keywords let our logo creator know what your company is about. As our company is about woolen apparel, let's type wool. Our online logo maker will now only create logos that are matching your keyword.

When you're done with your keywords, you can optionally pick your favorite color. If you don't pick one, the online logo generator automatically picks colors that work great together. Let our logo maker surprise you!

  • Try it for free

    You can generate your logos for free, and only pay when you're happy with your logo. Find out more about pricing

  • Full copyright

    Your logo is yours. You can use it for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

2 Review automatically created logos

This is the fun part! My Brand New Logo will now generate endless logo options specially for you. These logos are not based on templates, but are uniquely generated by our logo maker. No two logos are ever the same, so you will get a guaranteed unique logo for your brand.

If you see a logo that you like, just click on it. Don't worry if it doesn't match completely yet. The next step is all about perfecting your logo.

  • Unique design

    Our AI algorithms are based on how a professional designer works. We create unique logos every time, no two logos are ever the same.

  • Design Principles

    Our algorithms follow design principles from professional design companies. This ensures carefully balanced and good looking logo designs.

3 Customize your favorite logo

Now is the time to be fully in control! Everything you see can be adjusted. Click on your logo, or in the tool bar below the logo, to select different parts. Once a part is selected, you can drag the sliders to adjust letter-spacing, size, or margins. Of course you can also change colors, layouts and icons.

My Brand New Logo is unique in the sense that it automatically helps you generate color gradients that always look nice. It also has Smart Shapes, like stars and rectangles, that are editable in lots of ways. They can have different rounded corners for example, or circular cut-outs. Smart Shapes help your logo to be uniquely designed for you.

There are a lot of options available. It's best to just try some sliders, and see what it does. The logo generator is made in such a way that it always layouts your logo parts correctly. You just can't go wrong.

When you're done, hit the save button. Or, when you've not yet registered with us, click create account and save to create a new account and save your logo in one go.

  • Smart Shapes

    Smart Shapes are graphic symbols that are editable in lots of ways. You can adjust the curves and form factor of each of them.

  • High-res logos

    Wherever you use your logo (e.g. Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or Apple Keynote), they are always super crisp.

Wooly Wonders logo on business cards

Only pay when you're happy with your logo

If you're happy with your logo design, you can order it directly from your logo page. After we've received your payment, a .ZIP-package will be generated that contains all your files, ready for you to use.

  • Social Media Package

    Your logos are automatically resized to use on Facebook, X (Twitter), YouTube, Instagram. Just upload your new logo thumbnail.

  • Print-ready, scalable logos

    Besides regular graphic files, you'll receive your logo in SVG format. Perfect for scaling in any size so you can use it on business cards and billboards.

Want to learn how to create a logo?

These guidelines will help you make the perfect logo

Create your own logo

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