The meaning of colors in logo design

And how to choose your own logo color

the meaning of colors in logo design

Logo designs come in all colors. Every color has its own meaning and brand associations. This guide gives you some directions on choosing the best color for your logo design. By understanding color psychology, you'll be ready to choose the color that's perfect for your brand.

1Red logos

Red logos are one of the most powerful logos. The color red is strongly associated with energy, power and excitement. Use the color red if you want to immediately grab the attention of your visitors.

2Orange logos

The color orange is an enthusiastic one. Orange logos make people happy. Creativity and youth are related with the color orange. If you want to create an optimistic logo, orange is the way to go!

3Yellow logos

Sunshine and friendliness are two words that come to mind when you think of the color yellow. It's perfect for bright and happy brands. Do pay special attention to color contrast, as yellow is one of the brightest colors around.

4Green logos

Green logos are often associated with sustainability, nature and health. The color green is a very good choice if you have a business in natural products.

5Blue logos

Blue logos are common and for good reason. Blue signifies stability, clarity and trust. Blues come in many variations and there's a right blue for every brand.

6Purple logos

Feeling luxurious or mysterious? Purple is your color today. The color purple is connected with wisdom, intelligence and royalty. And even if that's not your thing, it's also just a special color in and of itself.

7Pink logos

The color pink is usually associated with femininity, but that's not the complete picture. Pink, especially in darker variations can be a very strong color that is full of energy. Pink is versatile, and is certainly not dull.

8Black and white logos

The classic. Black and white logos are timeless and confident. It's always a good idea to start your logos in black and white, and try different colors later on. Did you know our logo maker automatically creates black and white variations of your logos when you purchase our Professional package?

9Gold logos

Gold is all about high class and luxury. If your goal is to create desire in your audience, a gold logo it is. Nothing creates more sense of exclusivity and success than a nice golden finish on your logo design.

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