Purple logos and how to design them

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Royal exclusivity and noble wisdom. That's what the color purple says about your logo. Intelligent, smart and a bit of magic and mystery. If those aspects are attractive to you, get ready to design a purple logo!

The meaning of purple logos

purple color psychology in logo design

Purple logos are relatively rare. Just like the color purple itself, which was famously hard to source in historical times. It was considered a luxury if you could afford the color purple. Purple logos are known for their exclusivity and mystery.

"FedEx", "Hallmark", and "Twitch" are good examples of purple logos. Color psychology says that purple is associated with wisdom, spirituality and intelligence. Whether your company is directly connected with those aspects, or if your just like a more special color, purple should be your choice.

How to design purple logos

Our logo maker makes it easy for you

Our purple logo maker creates the perfect purple logos for your company. The purple logos below are some great examples of purple logo design.

You can use these logos as inspiration. Or you can get your own purple logo by clicking on a logo that you like!

Design your own purple logo

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Our automatic logo generator is perfect for purple logos. Go ahead and try it, it's easy and fun:

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