How to choose a logo style

7 different logo styles and how to create them

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The style of your logo depends on the message that you want to tell your customers. Is your business trustworthy and elegant, or playful and bold? Of course you can be all of that, but for a logo it's best to pick the most important characteristic of your business. After that, it's time to pick a logo style. Here are some great options to choose from.

1Professional logos

These are logos that first and foremost tell your customers that they can trust you and that you will deliver your promise to them. These are perfect for more serious industries, like the financial, legal or security sector.

2Industrial logos

An industrial logo makes your company look sturdy and powerful. Perfect for when you work in construction, logistics or in the maintenance sector.

3Natural logos

When your brand message is all about natural, organic and authenticity, you might wan to consider a more natural look. Pastel colors and round shapes gives your audience a calm feeling. Perfect for wellness, sustainability or yoga schools.

4Elegant logos

When your target audience is interested in luxury and glamour, you'll do well with an elegant logo. It shows your customers that style and class are important to you. Interior designers, jewelry designers and beauty salons will benefit from this style.

5Vintage logos

Vintage logos are all about authenticity. Using this style, you're saying to your clients that you appreciate the historical ways that things were done, before everything was mass-produced. Perfect for barbers, artisanal bread bakeries and craft beer specialists.

6Playful logos

Bright color combinations, bold letters, and gradients. These are some of the ingredients that make a logo playful. A playful logo is recommended for brands with a 'fun-factor'. Toys for children, gaming logos, or party planners could benefit from this style.

7Minimal logos

Minimal logos are the understated and sophisticated version of visual identities. They give a no-frills sense of confidence. When done well, they are as powerful as they're simple.

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