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What is a color palette?

A color palette is a set of colors that go well together. Color palettes are often used to design something with a consistent look & feel. Color palettes are used by logo designers, graphic designers, illustrators, web developers and other artists. A good color palette is fundamental to professional visual design.

How to make a color palette?

A color palette is often designed by hand. It's often up to an experienced designer or artist to pick colors that match well. Through years of working with different colors, they have experience to know which colors work well together and are aesthetically pleasing. Even so, picking a great color palette can be difficult. Luckily, computer algorithms can help with that.

Automatically generate color palettes

This color palette generator automatically picks colors that look nice together. Our color palette generator makes use of the color palette algorithms of our logo maker My Brand New Logo, which automatically creates good-looking and well-balanced color palettes. There's lots of color science behind the scenes, and the palettes are all completely computer-generated.

Using the color palette

When you see a color palette that you like, you can use those colors in your own graphic design projects. Just click on an individual color to copy the hex-code of the color to the clipboard. Or, when you want to use the complete color palette in your web projects, you can copy-paste all colors by clicking on copy CSS code.

Color palette design tips

A good color palette has good contrast, is visually pleasing and contains perceptually different colors. Our algorithms tries its best to adhere to those design qualities. If you want to learn more about colors, especially in logo design, we've set up some guidelines for you:

go to logo color guidelines

Copy CSS code

Use this CSS code in your web project to get your color palette:

copy code
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