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Every adventure starts with a brand new logo

You have an idea for a new company. Exciting times! The best part of starting any business is making it real. And there's nothing that creates more impact than a brand new logo.

In the past, that was an expensive and tedious effort. My Brand New Logo solves that by automating the design process of professional design studios. This gives you access to professional logos at a fraction of the price.

On top of all that, My Brand New Logo lets you adjust every logo with its unique Smart Shape algorithm. This means you are totally in control to adjust every shape, while our algorithms make sure it always looks good.

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Examples of what you can do with the logos created with My Brand New Logo

I kickstarted my visual branding in 5 minutes. Very happy I could just concentrate on running my company.

Never thought I could design a logo myself. It's just so much fun :)

I needed a recognizable logo for my cafe. My Brand New Logo easily has the best value for money, hands-down.

I looked at other logo sites, but My Brand New Logo really generates the most professional logos.

Highly recommended. You just type in your name, and My Brand New Logo does the rest.

Compared to hiring a designer, My Brand New Logo is faster, easier and way cheaper. Cannot recommend it enough!

I just downloaded the logo from My Brand New Logo and put it on my own T-shirts :)


Go ahead, fill in your company name and see your logos in 5 seconds. You only have to pay when you're completely happy with your logo. Just try it, it's fun:

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