What is the perfect logo size?

A short intro into different logo formats

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You want to use your new logo on websites, social platforms, business cards and stationery. But how do you determine the right logo size for each of these applications? This article will help you understand when to use which logo size.

Which logo size should I use?

This is a question you might ask yourself when using your logo. It's important that your logo looks crisp, is legible and never pixelated. So, how to pick the best logo size?

It depends how you intend to use your logo.

If you're uploading your logo to a website or social media platform, you can use PNG files of for example 1024 × 1024 pixels. Most website platforms automatically resize your logo to the right size, but it's better to have the right size from the start. Remember, it's always better to scale down than to scale up. When scaling up, you'll quickly notice that your logo becomes pixelated. We need to avoid that at all costs. Luckily, My Brand New Logo generates the right logo sizes for most popular social media platforms.

There are plenty of other situations in where you want to use your logo. And in order to determine the right logo size, we're offering some guidelines for you. At the end of this article, you'll know what to do in every logo situation.

The basics of logo sizes

First, there are a couple of logo characteristics that are helpful to better understand which logo size to choose.

  • Logo size. A logo has a size that's measured in pixels. For example, a logo size can be 1280 × 720, which means it's 1280 pixels wide and 720 pixels tall. Sometimes these values are called the dimensions of a logo. The more pixels, the better the quality of a logo and the more detail your logo has.

  • Logo file size. A logo is also just a regular computer file with a file size that's measured in bytes. For example, a logo file size can be 256KB (kilo-bytes), or 2MB (mega-bytes). Generally, the more pixels a logo has, the bigger the file size (but this isn't always true!).

  • PNG logo. A PNG logo is a logo file measured in pixels. It's an efficient file format that also supports transparency. It generally has a small file size, so these files are perfect for web use. For example, profile pictures and profile covers on social media are often PNG files.

  • SVG logo. An SVG logo is a vector logo file that is not measured in pixels. But if there are no pixels, then what exactly is its logo size? The answer is: any size! A vector logo is unique in that it can be infinitely scaled. Vector files are perfect for logos, because a logo can be printed on small business cards and on large buildings. SVG files make sure your logo can be printed on any size you want and are often files you want to send to your printer.

  • Transparent logo. A transparent logo is a logo without a background. Sometimes you need to place your logo on another background. But if your logo already contains a background, you'll have to manually remove it. Luckily My Brand New Logo automatically creates transparent logos for you, so you can place your logo on any background you want.

  • Black and white logo. A black and white logo is a logo that only uses two colors: black and white. These logos are often used in situations where there is no color available, like printing documents at home. My Brand New Logo automatically generates black and white logos based on your original logo.

  • Watermark logo. A watermark logo is a logo that's transparent and often only is black or white. A watermark logo is often used as a copyright symbol on top of other images. That's why photographers sometimes use logo watermarks on their photos. My Brand New Logo automatically generates watermark logos based on your original logo.


PNG files are perfect for the web. They're sharp and small. And every modern web browser supports PNG files. This is why we recommend to use PNG files for crisp online logos. You can use your logo as a header on your blog or as a smaller logo in your menu for example.

A special logo file can be used in the browser address bar. This is called a favicon. Favicons are little icons in front of your website address. My Brand New Logo automatically generates a favicon for your logo that you can use for this specific purpose. The favicon is really small and any text won't be legible, so usually only the symbol of your logo will be used.

Printed materials

When you've finished the perfect logo for your brand, you'll want to order business cards and other stationery with your logo on it. Normally you'll send your logo files to a printer and they're going to make business cards out of it. Most printers will request (SVG) vector files. Our advice is to always call your printer and talk about the options. Your printer will then help you further.


Branded emails are a great way to show your brand. When you think about it, you're probably sending a lot of emails. What if every email promotes your company?

It's especially important to use the right file in your emails. You don't want to use a full quality logo in your emails, because both the logo dimensions and the file size would be too big. And you don't want your customers to download a big file every time they open an email from you. What you want instead, is a small email signature of your logo. My Brand New Logo generates these automatically for you, so you don't have to worry.

The best logo size

Now that you've learned about logo sizes, you hopefully understand that there is no single logo size that's perfect for all situations. It really depends on how you will use your logo. My Brand New Logo makes sure you will get the right logo sizes for most popular logo applications, so you can directly start using your new brand.

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