The elements of logo design

An introduction to the different components of every logo

Business cards with logo design

Every logo is different. Yet they all consist of the same design elements. Most logos follow the same design principles, because they simply work great. Let's walk through some of the components that make up a good logo.

Logo name

Perhaps the most important part of a logo is the name. The name is generally the central element to the logo, and gets the most space and attention. A name is unique and belongs to you. A good company name is distinctive and fits your company. Logos with only a name and optionally a slogan are called text logos.

Logo name

Logo slogan

Often a brand not only has a name, but also a slogan. A slogan is a kind of subtitle of a logo. It should briefly describe what your company stands for. A slogan can say what your company does or it can express what qualities are important to your company. It's very important to keep a slogan short. This keeps your logo legible and memorable.

Logo slogan

These are some reasons why a slogan is a good idea:

  • it explains which unique qualities your company has
  • it can express an emotion or feeling of your brand
  • a catchy slogan can stick in people's heads
  • a slogan can be a call for action

Logo icon

A logo often has an icon that symbolizes the service or product, the name, or something else that's characteristic for your brand. A logo for a restaurant can include icons of a chef's hat, or cutlery. An icon immediately makes it clear which product or service you are supplying. When you use an icon in your logo, you can optionally use this icon as a logo variation for smaller sizes. Often when a logo is used in smaller sizes, the slogan is too small to read, and it makes sense to revert to a simpler variant of the logo without the slogan. This smaller logo is called an icon logo.

Logo icon


Instead of an icon, you could also use the initials of your company as as symbol. This is called a monogram logo. Instead of an icon graphic, your logo only contains text. A monogram looks like an icon that only consists of letters.


Logo font

There are many fonts that you can use in a logo. They all look different and give your logo a different feel. My Brand New Logo has different type of fonts:

  • brush fonts: fonts that look like they are the result of thick brushes
  • display fonts: fonts that have a distinctive character
  • serif fonts: typefaces with little strokes attached to bigger strokes
  • sans-serif fonts: typefaces without small strokes attached to bigger strokes
  • slab serif fonts: typefaces with thicker small strokes compared to normal serif fonts
  • script fonts: fonts that look as if they were handwritten

Logo color

The simplest logo colors are black and white. Nothing wrong with this classic choice. The colors you choose for your logo are perhaps the most distinctive feature of your logo. Use bright and vivid colors for a more dynamic and playful look, or use understated colors for a more conservative look.

Logo layout

You can choose from the above elements when creating a logo. You can also create a logo with just an icon, just a name, or just a monogram. You can also make a logo that consists of an icon, a name and a slogan. With our logo maker you can try all of these different variants, by clicking on "layout" and try what suits you best.

Logo layout

The logo package

In the Professional logo package of My Brand New Logo you get different variants of your logo. You get your logo in high resolution, so you can really blow it up and show it on a billboard. But if you want to display your logo in small sizes, for example on a smartphone app, you can use the small logo variant. This usually contains the most striking elements in the logo, so that it is still visible and legible in smaller areas.

Colors are really specific to your brand, but in some cases it is useful to have a black and white version of your logo. For example for stationery that you can only print in black and white. The Professional logo package also contains transparent logos, which you can use as logo watermarks on top of your photos. The Professional logo package is the most complete logo package that contains everything to get started with your new brand.

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