Logo color combinations that work really well

Colors that go together in logo design

logo color combinations

The secret of good logo design is that it all starts with the perfect color palette for your brand. Making good logo color combinations can be hard though. We've collected a couple of great logos that use colors that work nicely together.

Navy blue on bone-white

For a slightly vintage look, it often works great to pick an off-white color and a desaturated accent color. The colder navy blue contrasts nicely with the warmer bone-white background.

Barber logo (navy blue on bone-white)

Fuchsia and petrol-blue

Bright and warm colors add great expectations and fun to any logo. The bright fuchsia color contrasts nicely with the darker color and makes it pop out event more.

Cupcake Dreams logo (fuchsia on petrol-blue)

Moss-green on beige

Green is always associated with natural products. There are a lot of different greens. In this case, the mossy green is darker than its light beige variant. Together they work really well to create a natural look.

Green Fingers logo (moss-green on beige)

Lavender and dark purple

The trick in logo design is to have memorable, yet legible colors. In this case we use two contrasting colors of approximately the same hue (purple). The darker purple spells out the company name and the bright lavender color gives a nice background.

Lavender logo (lavender and dark purple)

Warm red, black and white

The classic color combination of red, black and white is often used for maximum impact. black and white are the most contrasting colors possible, so it's always clear and legible. The red color is used as a warm, striking accent color.

Mountain Tours logo (warm red, black and white)

Bright blue and dark blue

This logo uses a light and dark variant of blue. Blue is a very approachable color that appeals to almost everyone.

Pet's Place logo (bright blue and dark blue)

Pink and dark gray

pink colors usually work really well with a slight gradient or effect. To bring the attention to the symbol, an understated dark gray is used. Instead of picking pure black, we're giving it some character by picking a very dark blueish gray.

PX Studios logo (pink and dark gray)

Pink and 80s purple

Whenever you go for a brand that's a bit more youthful, it can often help to brighten up your colors. This striking palette of pink and purple brings back the typical 80s color palettes to this millennium.

Rain Rover logo (pink and electric purple)

Hot red on bright yellow

Two very energetic colors make up this striking color combo. Yellow is a very bright color of itself so almost any other color will be darker and therefore contrasting with the yellow background. The hot red completes this logo and immediately reminds you of sunny beaches and warm weather.

Refresh logo (hot red on bright yellow)

Eggplant-purple on sunny yellow

Yellow also lends itself to subtle effects. In this case, we use an effect to give the yellow background a sunny feeling. The dark eggplant-purple makes this a high-contrast logo design.

Sunny Boy logo (eggplant-purple on sunny yellow)

Gold on black

Nothing is more luxurious than a gold color on a black background. By applying a subtle gradient on a light brown-yellow hue, you're getting a convincing gold foil look. Perfect for luxury brands.

The Greatest of All Time logo (gold on black)

Taupe on teal

These washed-out colors work really well together. Look how the colder, darker color contrasts nicely with the lighter, warmer color.

Treehouse logo (taupe on teal)

Vibrant red and royal purple

The royal purple color almost looks black, but it gives this logo a more interesting color combination. Paired with the popping vibrant red monogram, this logo is immediately recognizable from a distance.

Vanderwild Consult logo (vibrant red and royal purple)

Orange red and cool dark gray

This logo makes use of warm and cool colors that match well. The dark gray with a slight blue/green tint is a good match with the bright orange red. The fact that both colors are not really pure red or pure gray makes for an interesting color palette.

Vintage Toys logo (orange red and cool dark gray)

Automatic color combinations

As you can see the possibilities of creating good color palettes are endless. Want to create a color palette yourself? Why not use our automatic color palette generator as inspiration?

Let's make a colorful logo now

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Now that you've learned about various logo color combinations, why don't give it a try yourself?

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