How to use your brand new logo

Once you download your logo package, this is how to use it

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Now that you've purchased your professional logo package, it's time to use your new brand. The professional logo package contains all the files you need to use your new brand right away.

Your logo is the core of your visual identity

To make your brand instantly recognizable, it's important to have a consistent visual identity. Your logo is the core of your visual identity.

Your logo can be used in multiple situations, and we have a specific logo file for every situation imaginable. You can use your full logo on social media or on websites, and you can use black and white versions on invoices or documents for example.

How to use your logo on your website

Whether you use a website theme or own a custom website, your logo should have a prominent place to make your digital presence recognizable. The most common places for a logo are the website header and the top navigation menu. When you run an online shop, it's good practice to use your logo on the checkout page as well, to give your customer some reassurance that they're still in the right place.

Another important branding opportunity is the favicon. This is the little icon in your browser that's sitting next to your URL. Because this icon is very small, you'd normally only use a small part of your logo, like the icon. Our professional logo packages automatically create these favicons for you, so you don't have to worry about how to resize your logo.

How to use your logo on social media

You probably already own some social media accounts like X (Twitter), Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and Instagram. It's important that each of these channels have the same visual brand identity so that your customers know that these channels belong together. Uploading your logos and cover images to these platforms is a great way to instantly have a consistent brand presence.

We include the correct image sizes for each of these social media channels in the professional logo packages, so you can immediately start using your new brand.

How to use your logo as a watermark

If you're a photographer, you can place your logo on top of your photos to protect your images and to brand your photos. Normally you'd use a black or white variant of your logo for this purpose. Often these images have a transparent background, so your photo partly shines through. Black and white transparent logo variants are included in our professional logo package, so you don't have to manipulate your logo yourself.

You can use Adobe Photoshop or any online image editing tool to place your logo on top of your photos.

How to use your logo in emails

When you communicate with your customer via email, you'd want your customers to be reminded of your brand. A good way of doing that is including your logo in your email.

It's important to only include small images in your email correspondence. After all, nobody wants to wait for downloading large images every time they open their mail. We provide a couple of logo options in our professional logo package that you can use for this exact purpose.

How to use your logo on a business card

Your business card is a physical item that you can share with anyone who is interested in your brand. Usually it contains your contact details, and of course, your logo in all its glory.

We provide ready-made horizontal and vertical business card layouts with your logo that you can use as the front of your business card. You'll have to use an (online) printing service to upload these files. Most printing services provide functionalities where you can quickly add your contact details on the back.

How to use your logo on invoices and stationery

Whether you're printing documents or sending them digitally, your branding should be professional. Usually your logo will be placed at the top of your document. Bigger is not always better, and a little subtelty helps making it more professional.

Every document is different. If you print a lot of documents with a black and white printer (like invoices for example), it might help to use a black and white version of your logo instead of the full color version. We include both in the professional package.

How to use your logo on clothing

If you're serious about your brand, you'll have to wear it! You can use the transparent logo files and place them on apparel to create a consistent brand

There are lots of (online) clothing customization shops. They almost always provide an option to upload an image and place it on your apparel. Take care to upload the right images that have a transparant background.

How to place your logo in an app icon

App icons are small images on your phone screen. Because of their size, it's important to think about legibility. It's often a good idea to use the small logo variant for this purpose, because your full logo (with name and slogan) would probably be too small to read.

The Professional package includes multiple logo variants. It also includes the square-format small logo, which is perfect for your app icon.

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