How to make a great logo in 7 steps

A step-by-step guide

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Whether you've just started your business, or are taking your company to the next level, you need a memorable and professional logo. A clear visual identity makes your customers recognize and remember you. It's important to get it right, so here are some guidelines that help you design a great logo.

1Define your brand message

The most important thing is to define the message you want to send out to the world. If you're a financial advisor, you want to give your customers a sense of trust. And if you have a webshop that sells toys, your visual identity should be more playful. What you want to tell your people determines your starting point.

2Keep it simple

Whatever you do, there's one rule that you need to keep in mind and that's this: Keep it simple. Try to choose simple shapes, clean lines and only one or two colors. A logo should be as simple as possible, yet still be memorable. Think of the brands that you remember right now. They have one thing in common. They're simple, but powerful. Here are some examples:

3Dare to shine

Keeping it simple is one thing, but you don't want to be boring. Your brand should be remarkable. A logo has to have a special something. Think of a distinct color, a recognizable icon or a powerful font. Our logo creator has a lot of options to make your logo special.

4Pick one or two colors

It's very easy to use too many colors. The more colors you use, the less your customers associate those colors with your logo. Just pick one or two colors, or use black and white. It helps to do some competitor research to differentiate yourself from their colors. Ensure there's enough contrast in your logo, so it will be legible.

5Make your logo scalable

A logo will be used on your stationery, but also on your social channels. That means a logo should be recognizable in different sizes. It will be on your phone screen, but maybe also on a large poster (or on a truck, who knows). It's important to keep your logo simple and don't use too many small visual details. We will help you a bit with this though. When you purchase a logo package from us, we automatically generate different logo versions for use in small and large sizes. The smaller versions will only contain a recognizable part, like the icon, and the larger version is your full logo.

6Make sure your logo can be black and white

Online you can use all the colors in the world, but your logo also has to be suitable for print. And to save you some printing costs, your logo has to be printable in black and white. How do you make a logo black and white? We'll do that automatically for you! In the logo package of My Brand New Logo you'll get black, white and transparent versions of your logo. These are also perfect for use as watermarks on photos and videos.

7Test and tweak

The final step is to test and tweak your logo. Test it on different devices and for different purposes. How does it look? If you create a logo with our online logo maker, you can see the logo on different items. You will see that it looks better if it is simple and only has one or two distinctive characteristics, like a memorable icon, or a really outstanding color. This is an iterative process, and you can just take your time. If you make a logo with My Brand New Logo, you can save your logo and tweak it as long as you want. It's also a very good idea to ask your friends for some feedback, by sharing the automatically generated share page of your logo.

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