How to design a gradient logo

and why a color gradient makes your logo stand out

color gradient

From the Instagram logo, to Firefox and Tinder, if you look closely, you'll notice why these logos stand out. They all make use of a color gradient. In this article, you'll learn how to make a color gradient logo yourself

What is a color gradient?

Let's start with a definition.

A color gradient is a gradual blend between two or more colors. It can be a color blend between dark and light colors, or between different colors altogether. Color gradients usually come in two different types: linear and radial gradients.

A linear color gradient blends colors in a straight line and results in a progressive color transition from one point to another. A radial color gradient blends colors in a circular fashion and results in a color transition that radiates from an certain point.

Color gradient logo examples

These are some great color gradient logo examples created with My Brand New Logo. Go ahead, click on a logo to make it your own!

Tips for creating color gradients

Get ready to be a color gradient expert

It can be tempting to put color gradients on everything, but it's best to take a couple of things in mind:

  • A color gradient works best if it's subtle. Don't go overboard with your color gradient. It's more professional if you just stick to a subtle color shine on your logo. It helps best to create a solid version of your logo first.

  • Keep your logo legible. A color gradient can have impact on the legibility of your company name and slogan. Pay attention that your logo stays readable at all times.

  • Try putting a color gradient on only a part of your logo, like the icon. This makes it stand out from the other parts of your logo.

  • Color gradients on big shapes work better than gradients on small shapes. Refrain from enabling color gradients on very small letters.

  • Keep good contrast in your logo. It's important that your logo is instantly recognizable. Gradients can work both ways: they can either diminish contrast or enhance your logo. Look carefully at your logo every time you make a change.

How to create beautiful color gradients

Our automatic color algorithms make it easy for you

Normally a designer hand-picks two or more colors to make a color gradient. This requires design experience and a good eye for color harmony. Our logo maker automatically creates good-looking and well-balanced color gradients. There's a lot of color science going on behind the scenes, but rest assured that your color gradient always looks good.

It's easy to adjust the color gradients yourself. Follow these steps:

  • Click on any part of your logo and click on the 'gradient' button

  • Turn on the toggle and drag the slider to adjust the amount of the color gradient

  • You can optionally select a linear or radial gradient type

  • The 'style' button controls the color and lightness variation of the gradient. Just pick a gradient style that you like and works best for your logo.

  • The 'rotation' button controls the angle of the gradient.

  • If you've selected a radial gradient, the 'size' slider controls the radius of the circular gradient

Gradients for web developers

Our Color Gradient Generator automatically creates CSS code

Are you a web designer or web developer? You'll probably know that you can use CSS code to create color gradients for your website. We have made a Color Gradient Generator just for you. It makes use of the same algorithms of our logo maker. It's very easy to quickly generate beautiful color gradients and instantly get the correct CSS code.

Let's make a color gradient logo

It's easy with My Brand New Logo

Use our logo maker to make your own color gradient logo:

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