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5 reasons why you need an Instagram logo


Social media channels are an essential part of any business. Instagram is an important social media channel that is growing ever more: 1 billion people use Instagram every month. This makes Instagram an interesting medium to visually express what your brand is about.

Instagram logo examples

These are some great Instagram logo examples created with My Brand New Logo. Go ahead, click on a logo to make it your own!

1Aesthetics are key on Instagram

Instagram is the most visual medium of all social media. It is essential to have professional design aesthetics on your Instagram account that match your brand. Instagram is all about visual storytelling and everything should literally look picture perfect. Adding your own professional logo to your Instagram profile is essential.

2Reach open-minded people

You can reach a lot of people with Instagram. It's really popular with young and innovative people who are continuously looking for new trends. The audience on Instagram is open towards being influenced. Even more so, people are looking for inspiration on instagram. So Instagram is the perfect medium to soft-sell your product or service.

3Engage with your audience

Instagram a perfect platform to engage with your audience. You have a direct communication line with your followers, so you can test your products or services in an early stage and get some valuable feedback. The engagement with brands on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook.

4Make your logo Instagram-proof

What size should my logo be to fit the Instagram? No need to worry about it! If you create your logo with our logo maker, you'll get a complete package with all the files you need, including your Instagram logos. This means that the logo is already created in the right size so you can upload your logo directly on Instagram. By the way, our complete social media package also includes the right logo formats for Facebook, LinkedIn, X (Twitter) and Youtube.

5Watermark logo to mark your visual content on Instagram

Besides the social media package, you also get black-and-white logo files that you can use as a watermark for your Instagram pictures or video posts. A watermark logo is a transparent logo without the background color, so you can use it as a "watermark" or "stamp" on your photos. Perfect for branded Instagram content.

Let's make an Instagram logo

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