7 Logo trends for 2020

A guide for modern logo design

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What are the trends in logo design for 2020? We looked around the web for some inspiration and defined the following 7 logo trends.

1Responsive logos

Today it's ever more important that your business logo is responsive. A responsive logo is a logo that is recognizable in different sizes. Your logo can be used in very different ways. On a huge billboard, it's visible from afar, but in an app icon, your logo can be very small. That's why you should have different versions of your logo that are used in different scenarios. You can then use the simple version without any text on an app icon. And you can plot the full logo on a billboard

responsive logo 'Yoga retreat'
responsive logo 'The Brewery'


Simplicity always has been a golden rule in logo design, and there's a trend towards more simplification, because of the growing importance of logos that have a good impression online. On the web minor details aren’t very useful, because logos are mostly shown in small areas. That's why simple logos with more contrast are a better fit. Don't use all the bells and whistles, less is more.

3Short text

The shorter your logo text, the better. It all starts with your brand name. If your name is very long, for example "Eisenhower, Williams and Thompson", it can be simplified to its initials ("EWT"). It's also important to carefully think about your slogan. Instead of "The best coffee company in Amsterdam since 1921", it's better to use "Coffee company"

4Vintage logos

A vintage or retro style logo is a trend that is still going strong. A vintage logo often has washed-out colors, or just plain black and white. They mostly come with serif, or handwritten fonts. Vintage logos are recognizable because of their emblems, which refer to old stamps or literal brand marks. In most cases emblems or badges are round, but there are also examples of other, more rectangular shapes. In 2020 we'll see more hexagon badges.

5Color gradients

You just can't miss the color gradient trend. And it's still going strong for 2020. Color gradients give a colorful, tech-forward and youthful feel to your logo and generally makes your brand bright and vivid. Be aware that subtlety is key. Color gradients are easily overdone and a subtle touch simply looks more professional.

logo 'Dev Summit'
logo 'Social Boost'

6Curved text

A logo with curved text is an upcoming logo trend. It fits the vintage logo style very well. It gives your logo a dynamic, friendly and unique character. You can put the curved text in a shape or just make a text only logo.

Banana Mamas logo

7Geometric shapes

Logos with a geometric shape are also a trend. Simple shapes like circles, squares and hexagons are visually powerful. When using a shape like this and give it a distinct color, your logo becomes better recognizable than only text. There's something timeless in these simple shapes that instantly can make logos more professional.

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