5 tips to get new logo ideas

How to pick the best logo idea for your business

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Your logo is the public face of your company. It better gives a good impression! Creating a new logo from scratch can be daunting, but we're here to help. Your new logo inspiration starts here.

Look at the big guys

Big companies usually only hire the best logo design studios, so it's natural that most logos of those companies are professional and well designed.

Try to look at similarities of these big company logos. Do you notice which parts work well? Do most of them have lots of colors or just a few? How do they handle logo icons? What type of fonts do they use? Do they use capital or lower case typography?

When you pay close attention to these details, you quickly see what works best in good logo design. Try to apply these details to your own logo too.

Use a logo maker

Our logo maker automatically creates unlimited logo ideas for you. Just fill in your company name, and our tool creates color palettes and icons for your specific industry.

Using this method, you can quickly compare logo ideas. If you see one that you like, just click on it and save it to your account. It's a great way to get instant logo inspiration!

Look at logos of your competitors

It's important to visually differentiate your logo from those of your competitors. The goal is to get your logo in the minds of your client.

Think about which aspects of your competitors' logos are relevant to your industry. Keep those, but at the same time make your logo so that it stands out from the competition.

Search for images

Logos are basically images, so naturally search engines can find them. Just search Google or DuckDuckGo for abstract concepts like "energy" or "impact", or "fitness logo" for example.

It takes a lot of scrolling, but you'll get some inspiration in return.

Walk around

Believe it or not, there's a whole world outside. Just go around shopping in the city center or go to your favorite coffee place. Look around at all the logos on shop fronts. Pay attention to those that you like, or try to think of why some logos grab your attention and others don't.

You can also take pictures of your walks outside. This way you'll create your own personal logo archive.

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