Using the service

The deal is simple, it all comes down to this: We do our best to create good logos, and you pay when you want to download and use a logo. No strings attached, no monthly subscriptions, just a simple, fair trade.


My Brand New Logo is a web service that creates logos. My Brand New Logo is copyrighted by Monokai.

When you purchase a logo package from My Brand New Logo, you may use the logo files in that package in any way you like. You may use it in any personal or commercial projects and may adjust it to your needs.


We track website visits via Google Analytics. We make sure your IP address is anonymized, so there's no personally identifiable information transferred to Google Analytics.

Personal Data

When you sign up for an account, your personal information is stored on MongoDB Atlas (privacy policy), in the Frankfurt region.

When you agree to receive our newsletters, your name and email are stored on SendGrid (privacy policy). We also use SendGrid to send you transactional emails like instructions to reset your password.

When you purchase a logo, we ask for your personal information to create an invoice. We use Quaderno (privacy policy) for invoicing and Stripe (privacy policy) for payment processing.


The mockup graphics are originally from Anthony Boyd and edited to include logos that have been created My Brand New Logo.

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